The Story

designed to perfection, built to be shared

Palm City Residences is the result of a far-reaching vision and steely determination to build and deliver an up-market residential village that meets and exceeds the expectations of the most discerning residents.


A vision…

Built along 1.5 kilometres of pristine Mediterranean coastline, Palm City Residences is the story of how a 14-hectare stretch of abandoned land in Libya, only a short drive west from the capital Tripoli, was painstakingly transformed into the most exclusive residential address in the North African country. The concept of the project was to offer the local ex-patriate community a quality living experience where all amenities are provided for and where residents can experience a unique lifestyle in a truly communal environment with like-minded people. Palm City Residences is the result of vision, collaboration and above all perseverance, as several administrative and logistical challenges needed to be overcome before Palm City could be completed and take in its first residents. Due to the lack of local resources in taking on such an ambitious project, Palm City Ltd. mobilized its own contractors and labourers before eventually taking ownership and also running operations. There is no doubt that this created a close affinity between the management and the project itself – a bond which contributed in no small way to the realization of such a high-end product.   This approach, whilst seemingly unorthodox, ensured that to this day, Palm City Residences is run by people who are as passionate about the project as much as the people who conceived it and saw it through.


…becomes reality

Having obtained the title to the land and all the necessary development permits back in 2006, Palm City Ltd. immediately set about transforming this barren piece of land by excavating the area to create a two-tier elevation that allows Palm City to terrace gently towards the seashore. Construction moved at a swift pace and by early 2008, over 90 % of the units were built and the wet trades started being applied. At design stage and throughout the entire project, the developer recognized the need to involve its prospective client base in recommending changes and improvements to the design, layout, and even furnishing of the units. In fact, several sample units were remodeled and refurbished according to advice and feedback received from our future residents. As construction came to completion in the second half of 2008, the site became a hive of activity as over 60 contractors mobilized to carry out the finishes on the units - from the laying of tiles to the installation of the TV units. The next nine months would also see an estimated 700 containers being freighted from all over the world to deliver the required quality materials. Palm City received hand-over of its first units during the first quarter of 2009 and saw the first residents moving in by June of the same year. Over the course of the next few months, as more units were being handed over, Palm City would welcome many more tenants in its first full year of operations in 2010.